Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swish, Swish, Poof!

   Sorry this is so late but Blogger and Firefox conspired to make my past 2 days miserable, sigh. But I'm back up and running now so whoohoo!
   I was going to do my utensil into wand project in order of the seasons starting with Winter and moving on to spring then summer and so on, but lately fall has really been calling to me. I've been doing a lot of dreaming about fall weather and leaves changing color (not that I actually know what that looks like- but hey a girl can dream can't she?) and really getting excited for Halloween. So Autumn jumped the ship and swam out ahead.
    Now I used a new technique that I had never used before on these and it turned out pretty well I think.
    The slats in the wooden spatulas kept making me think of trees, so I used a wood burning tool to burn the lines and a few small details for the trees in (ever since Gumbo Soul over at Witchy Gumbo posted her wood burned spoons I've been dying to try it). Then I  used some watered down acrylic paints to wash color on for leaves and grass and then added some details in.
    Then I wrapped the handle in some pretty ribbon that reminded me of fall. Next I knotted some red and orange cording and made a chain of knot work that I wrapped around the handle and glued into place. It reminded me of falling leaves. Here's what the whole thing looks like.

     Since I'm doing these in pairs I worked on one of the forks next. Whenever I think of fall the first thing I think of is Halloween. While I was trying diligently to draw a rabbit for spring (I've really been wanting to do an animal for the forks- the prongs just make me think of ears, lol) a little cat kept peeping out at me. So I gave in and let the cat shine through. And what's more Halloween than a black cat?
    I used the same technique of wood burning the basic details in and then acrylic washing the main blocks of color in and then going back with solid acrylics for some of the smaller details.
  Then I used the same gold and pink graded ribbon to wrap the handle but added a cross wrap of thin black ribbon, double wrapping it at the top and adding a charm bead to mimic a collar and tag for my little kitty.

so yet again, sorry. This was supposed to go up yesterday morning but the internet was fighting with me. We've since made up and all should be running smoothly from now on !


  1. Awesome! Especially the black cat..I love the star on his ear! This is totally a great craft. I think you have inspired me to get a smoke burning kit!! Happy Halloween!!

  2. How clever is this!?! The cat fork is adorable! I started woodburning a couple years ago and i have to warn you lol it's addicting. I've made 4 pendulum boards by woodburning in designs. Also a few other projects. Never done wood spoons before so I've just gotta try this! lol Thank you, great share and wonderful job on these :)

  3. These are great!! Thank you for the comment you left on my blog.....Aunt Opal has been such an inspiration....I've been out shopping at the thrift stores trying to find my own version of her craft trunk....and wait until you see what I found!! I have been dreaming of Fall too....I'm over this hot, humid, sticky icky weather....I'm ready for the cool days and evenings of Fall!

  4. GORGEOUS!!! oh we would love to have you as part of our family at PaganPagesOrg
    Would you like to join us?

    Much Love,

  5. What a great idea! I love reading your blog-especially the crafty items. I love doing crafts in general, but witchy crafts are the best. Keep up the great work!


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