Saturday, June 25, 2011

Custom Prayer Candle Box

     I know I dangled a project in front of you a few days ago. Well its finally complete. A custom prayer candle box! We've been working on this for about a week since a lot of the components take a couple days to set.
    It started out as this-
    Your basic frames that we found at the thrift store for about $4.00 each (or less).
     Then we did this to it.
    After all the staples were removed and the artwork taken out we then painted the frame.

  Everything goes with basic black. We used black craft paint and did about 2 coats on all sides. Then I got fancy with the silver leafing and sealed it all with some polyurethane to seal it. Then the Hubster made me a nice little open box to attach to the back which got the black treatment too. I then used epoxy to glue the glass into the frame so that it could be moved without the glass falling out. Then I pulled out the Gallery Glass and the leading blanks and got busy. Here is the final result-
We added a clasp on one side and hinges on the other so that it can be easily opened and secured.
     Since the art is done in Gallery Glass (I know- I should just buy stock in that company, lol) it can be changed whenever you want so you always have a fresh look or change it for the seasons or occasion. You could also use paper as well but I would not suggest using anything flammable if you plan on putting a real candle behind it. This one is actually from a drawing a did a year or so ago that I really wanted to see in actual stained glass. The frame is meant to hang on the wall and you can put small tapers or tea lights (real or electrical just please don't use real ones if your frame is small) to illuminate the artwork so that it looks like this-
     I am really happy with the way this came out, especially since it was a collaboration of ideas and work between me and the Hubster and coming from his initial idea. This will be going on our wall later today as soon as I figure out which wall, lol.
   And as you saw we have 2 other frames to experiment with and I think we'll be doing some different takes on this idea that are percolating in my brain as we speak.
   So what do you guys think?


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