Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stars and Fire Equals Thrifty Fun

     There's a bigger project I'm working on that is almost complete and I hope to finish it up in time to make it my next post so fingers crossed and light a candle that the glue holds (just you know, not too near the glue, lol). But while I play around with epoxy and screwdrivers here's a cute little project I completed on the side.
     I was lucky enough on one of my jaunts to the thrift store to find some candle holders that were an awesome 5 pointed star shape. They had a lot of them in both taper and tea light sizes (the size of the candle holder thingie on the inside..oh you'll see, lol) and I picked up 3 of each to play with.
     Here are a couple that the Hubby and I did over the weekend using the same painting technique with the Gallery Glass.  These were clear class before we messed with them.
  This is the one that my Hubster did and I just love the way the orange and red make it look like it's on fire. This is one of the tea light sized ones ( I told you you would see, lol.) The edges are red and when it's placed at the correct level the red seems to radiate up through the glass.
This one was mine. This is the taper size and I went with a pearlized white with a red border. Like with the other one the red radiates down through the glass, but the white (especially in the thin layer I applied) adds a pearly sheen to it that looks awesome in the candle light.
    These were an awesome find, and because they had so many I made multiples and the hubby and I are currently having a contest to see who's ends up looking better. We're both working on 2 more and I may just post them all up here for a vote (that's not the big project I was talking about- I am really excited about that and can't wait to show you guys!) to see who wins. I picked up some really cool colors  of Gallery Glass this weekend that I can't wait to see how they turn out. Here's a crafty/thrifting tip- Always check out Michaels and Joanne's websites for coupons. I got a 50% off coupon (for a single item and I picked myself up a $30 wood burning kit for $15- Gumbo Soul really lit a fire under my butt with her gorgeous spoons HERE and I looked for an inexpensive one all over the place but nowhere had any except Michaels) and a 20% off coupon (for the entire purchase including sale items) so taking the 5 minutes to check the websites was totally worth it!
   Have you guys been working on any projects?


  1. Yours is nice, too, don't get me wrong. But, I really do like the fiery look of your husband's star. I can't wait to see the rest. I've said it before and I'll say it're so creative!

  2. I LOVE the one your hubby did. I've used gallery glass on my windows but never thought about using it for candle holders. I get so excited when I see your posts on here! You are full of great ideas!

  3. Wow! Every time I see one of your new project I want to rush what I'm doing. But I can't because it is the first time and I don't want to mess it up to badly. Precious!


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