Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bibbity Bobbity...BOO!

  Sorry but every time I think of magic wands I think of that song. I even know all the words, but my Disney geekiness is a post for another day.
   This post is about a craft that I started up this weekend.
   Now I have found that my local 99 cent store is an excellent resource.  If you haven't been in your local Dollar Store take a little trip and check it out. Besides having some great deals on items that you can use to spiffy up your unique thrifty finds it's also a great source for prototypes. If I have a project idea that I'm not quite sure about I can usually find a substitute object from this mecca of deals that I won't mind trying something out on to see how it looks before I try that technique on a thrifted, one of a kind item.
    That's what I did this weekend. I picked up these-
    I know, what on earth could I be doing with these?
    Well I had an idea to use kitchen utensils as magic wands (bibbity bobbity bibbity bobbity...BOO!). Crazy right?
     I liked the idea of working in wood as I could do so many different types of treatments to it. I started off with paint, a little glitter, and ribbon.
     Here's how it looked after my first step- painting the head.

   I decided since I had 8 of these I would do 2 at a time and do a seasonal/ moon phase thing. so this one is my full moon/winter set.
    Next I wrapped the handle part in a ribbon. I picked up a bunch of ribbon on sale this weekend at Micheals and this was one that I really liked, even if it did get glitter all over me.
   Then it was time to take care of those slats in the top of the spoon. I wrapped ribbon around and through it making a weave pattern on the head of the spoon.
 I ended the weave by sliding the end of the ribbon down through the center and then wrapped the ends around where the blue ribbon met the white paint and tied them off. Then I took a thin light blue ribbon and cross wrapped it around the blue glittery ribbon on the handle, tied it off at the same point as the whit ribbon and then tied some wire wrapped blue beads at the ribbon ends to finish them off.
  And here is my finished Full Moon Wand...drum roll please.....
And because I said I was doing them in duo's here is my Winter Wand, done using the same techniques!
  These turned out really well. I was surprised by how well they ended up feeling in my hand. And the awesome part is that I can use these as decorations or even play/dress up wands for the kids.


  1. The forked one is a little odd to me (prob b/c I haven't seen a forked wand before) but I love the spoon. The ribbon weaving turned out amazing!! The paint and beads are great accents!

  2. I really LOVE the forked one! You did a gorgeous job with the paint and ribbon treatments. I have a thing for woodburning that I bet would turn out amazing! I'm off today to find some wooden things! Thanks for the inspiration! If they turn out I will link back to your post here. You are always doing such great things!

  3. So crafty! I love the ribbon weaving.

  4. Thank you guys for your complements!
    Ripples: Strangely enough the forked one felt more natural to me, lol. I guess it's because I'm used to waiving pointy things. I actually had an awesome idea that would work out if I can channel some better artistic talent at some point. The forks would make great animal ears, so I could do an animal set.
    Gumbo: I can't wait to see what you come up with! I love the look of wood burning and hope to rationalize buying myself a kit (I want to get a good one so I have to save a week or 2) next time I get to go to the craft store.
    Jeanie: Thank you so much! The weaving was actually the hardest part of this, lol. I redid it like 5 times before I was happy with it. Originally I was weaving it between all the slats in a basket weave style but that just wouldn't turn out the way I wanted.

  5. You'd be amazed with what you can do with a $10 woodburner from walmart. That's all I have and I've done dozens of different things with it!

  6. What a good idea (you know I love anything seasonal)! These turned out great...I can't wait to see the rest!

  7. Nice! I use a chopstick as a wand. :)


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