Friday, June 10, 2011

Thursday Thrifting

   Well yesterday I took the kidlets out to the park with their aunt and grandma and we ended up taking a detour on the way home to a thrift shop (isn't that always the way, lol). We ended up going to the one that I consider my go to for large furniture and wood goods.
   The boys got a nifty semi truck hot wheels carrier and I picked up a couple little tidbits for myself.
   First to show if is this lovely bread box.
  Got this little lovely for $6.00 and I love it! We have really limited kitchen storage and I've been looking for a bread box that would fit and allow us to still put a couple little things on top so this one was about perfect.
   Next up was actually a fairly quick and easy redo that I did this afternoon with the boys.
   Originally it looked like this-

     I seemed to be finding the light wood yesterday. But this little beauty was originally $5.99 but they were having 50% off orange and white tags yesterday and this baby had a white one so I got it for $3.00. Now this was in great condition but I don't really dig on the light wood so I decided to do a little refurbishing on it with some fabric and modge podge.
    Here's the finished product-

   I found some pictures I liked and shrunk them down then cut them out to put in the frames on the lid.
   Then I took some cool halloween fabric I had hanging around and cut some strips out and modge podged them on like this-
      So now I have this gorgeous trinket/ jewelry/ ritual accessory box that cost me less than $10 and suits my witchy style so much better!


  1. Oh my! This is wonderful! I just found this blog (I can be quite blind sometimes). It is great; you are sooo thrifty!

  2. Sweet Isis, Trav!!! This looks great. I am coming back later when I have time to read through the posts I have missed. I really want to make those brooms! Good luck with your new blog! Blessings! Robin.

  3. That box is GORGEOUS!!!! I would LOVE something like to keep my card decks in and what not.

  4. You are so creative! Thanks for your lovely comment over at my place. A very nice thing to read this morning. :) And now...I'm probably going to have to stop at that thrift store I keep passing on my way home from work. lol

  5. Thank you guys so much for your compliments. I didn't tell my husband about my plans for that little box and when he got home he asked me where I bought the new box on the table, lol.
    Magaly: I just started it up so no worries- thanks for dropping in =)!
    Robin: The brooms are one of my favorites just because you can do so darn much with them.
    Jeanie: Thank you so much. I was pretty darn happy with how it turned out, lol.
    Lisa: Stop into it! Thrift stores are so much fun. It's always interesting to see the interesting things that people have collected over time. Many an afternoon has been spent here trying to figure out the stories behind items that people have donated.


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