Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Witch on The Prowl

I was out cruising through one of my local thrift shops this past weekend and found quite a few little gems that I did a few squee's over, lol.
     Now this store was a prime example of a bad experience replaced by a good one. The first two times that I entered this establishment one of my little minions destructobots helpers threw huge fits that made it impossible to even look through the merchandise. They were not a good experience. But I decided to give this shop another try this past weekend, and with a little strategy between my husband and I, I got to do a really good look through and was highly impressed.
     This shop is now going to go on my list of best places to look for glassware. Their selection was varied and very well priced. I walked away with most pieces for under a dollar and didn't pay more than two dollars for any of it. And I found some seriously cool stuff.
    While I'm waiting to post the pics of my projects until they are complete I couldn't wait any longer to show off a couple of my finds that I think I'm going to leave as is.
    Here is a mirror that I found that I really loved.
 I found this little gem in the picture frame section and picked it up for $1.50. It's hand sized so I think I may either use it to decorate my altar space, or I may try and smoke out the glass and use it for a scrying mirror. I just love the frame the way it is so I don't think I'll do much to it if anything.
     And here's one of my favorite finds of the day. I spotted it on a low shelf and just had to have it!
It's a flat disc of glass that looks almost black from above. It looks like a smooth pool of deep dark water and I love it! I'm assuming that it was originally a paper wieght but I think it would make a great alternative to a charcoal disk for incense and stuff. And one of the coolest things is if you hold it up to the light like this-
It's actually a deep green color that looks awesome in different lighting. It's also about two inches tall and has a concave spot on the bottom so it's got a really nice shape. I picked this unique little trinket up for $1.25 and I absolutely adore it!

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