Friday, June 17, 2011

Glass for The Gallery

    Amongst the prizes that I have found in the past couple weeks were a couple gorgeous cut glass styled bowls.
    I just loved the shapes and designs in this totally sparked off an idea and had me pulling out the Gallery Glass tubes. If you've never heard of it before Gallery Glass is a product that is kinda like liquid stained glass. I've used it before and it's a lot of fun. Usually you plan out a design just like with real stained glass and then squeeze the design out onto a plastic sheet and let it dry then peel it off and stick it where you want it to go. I decided to try a new technique and use the product directly on the glass.
     We used paint brushes and in some places just squeezed it directly onto the bowls. The brush strokes didn't show in the final product and they ended up looking pretty nice if I do say so myself. One of the really nice things about this is that if you don't like how it turns out you can just peel it back off and start over.
     Here are a the bowls that the Hubby and I did.
  This one was mine. I painted in the red with a paint brush and then did several layers of charcoal black to get the smoked glass effect, leaving only the very top rim clear. This would be perfect for an offering dish, or a potpourri dish.
 This one was the Hubsters and was a lot more involved as to the painting. He did each of the different layers separately and then ended with a pearlescent white to finish off the top. he also left the very bottom clear which allows it to be used in this set up-
  Just add a tea light underneath and you have an oil diffuser!
     I picked the bowls up for $1.25 each, and the stand for $0.85. I already had the paints so in total these bowls cost me about $3.00 for both of them!


  1. Oh. My. Gods! How beautiful! You are so gifted!!!

  2. Wow! Had no idea about Gallery Glass. You guys are good!!


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