Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Little Healthy Competition

   I hope you all remember the glass star shaped candle holders that I debuted in my post HERE.
   Because the hubby and I have finally finished the rest and have decided to have a contest. While you know who did the 2 from the last post, I'm going to post pictures of the other 4 with a letter underneath them. Just leave a comment and include the letter of your favorite and whoever gets the most votes wins! (there is a tiny wager involved here so I'm crossing my fingers because I want to win)
   So here we go-

  And even though you already know who did them here are the original 2 for consideration in the contest.

So there are all of them. Let the voting commence!


  1. I like A, it looks like melted candle wax. I really love the fact that your husband does crafty things with you. Husband crafting? Husband crafting with the wife? Husband doing the same craft with the wife? Totally new concept to me LOL There is no way my dad would do something like that with me and my mom, and no way my It would do something like that with me. Tell him I say he ROCKS!!!

  2. I love B. Going along with what Iesadora said, I taught my husband to use the sewing machine when I made draperies for folks. He was better at the "long haul" jobs on the machine that I was. We haven't dont anything like this together....hmmmmmmm maybe it's time to give something new a try.
    The Olde Bagg

  3. @ Iesadora: I'll let him know ;). we have a lot of fun doing this stuff and I almost always pull him into a project I'm doing.
    @ Linda: I have yet to try and teach him how to use the sewing machine. I may have to give that a try after he gets done playing with the wood burner.

    Oh and I do apologize for the picture of A. I didn't realize that it was fragmented like that, it didn't show up in the thumbnail that way. Gotta replace it.

  4. I have to say "B" is the one I like best, since you are making us choose. But you are both creative, and I don't want any bickering now!! Be nice.

  5. A & E are my favourites.

    For me, I prefer the solid color ones instead of the multi-colors ones.

    They are beautiful though!

  6. I'm loving A! :) How awesome that you guys do crafty things together, even if there's competition involved. ;-)

  7. I love B and D, but all of them are great! And hey, I have these same candle holders... :) If only I had time to be crafty. Hehe, I'll just live vicariously through you.

  8. Can we pick two?? lol If so i like A and E if i have to pick just one than E. But they truly all r very cool!


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