Friday, July 8, 2011

Double Double Boil and Bubble

    I found this really awesome little tripod bowl while I was out and about at the thrift shops and one thing popped into my mind
  can you guess what it was?
      That's right- a cauldron. This little dish reminded me of a little cauldron and I couldn't wait to get started on it.
      The technique I chose for this one was to decoupage some metallic grey tissue paper onto the exterior of the bowl using Modge Podge (crafting gift of the Gods!) to give it a 'cast metal' look. This method was not only very cost effective but also gives me the option to change my mind and use a different technique later if I choose to. Since I didn't use a separate sealer, but instead just applied another layer of Modge Podge to the outside to give it a shinier look so the whole thing can come off after washing it with some water. I really wanted to have the option to change it because there are so many different techniques I could do with this one type of projects that I just know one I'm going to get the itch to do at least one other at some point.
I love how the edges of the paper give it an almost ruff look. This took me about 20 minutes to do (not counting drying time which added about a half hour) and cost me about $3.00 including the  bowl. Since it's a glass dish I can use it as a actual cauldron and put cauldron splashes, incense, or burnable offerings in there.
   I currently have a pretty big and totally awesome project in the works that I'll be telling you all about in the next couple of weeks (I am super excited) and I can't wait to show you how my 'traveling art trunk' suitcase has turned out!


  1. I absolutely love this bowl!! Where did you find it?? I found a very cool cauldron at a garage sale last's black with a stem with deer antlers out of both sides...the deer is my first spirit animal. :) I have an Award for you. :) Come on over and pick it up. ((Hugs))

  2. Lucky you to find such an awesome bowl with three legs!!! perfect for witchy activities. You are certainly filled with inspiration these days. Super!!

  3. how cool is that...?...i love the 3 legs on it..

  4. LOVE it!!! What an exciting find!!

  5. Thank you guys all for your compliments! I was so lucky to spot this little guy. I absolutely love it!


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