Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A New Award!

Thank you to Tamara over at Riding on A Broomstick has given Witchy Thrifting this lovely award!
  It was so very nice of her to think of me for this and I appreciate it!
   And it is quickly followed by my first cop out. Ok, it's not so much a cop out as I just can't pick only a few of you. There are so many wonderful blogs I read and follow, and to me you're all super. So consider all of you nominated!
   In other news a lot is going on behind the scenes here at Witchy Thrifting and I'll be make a big(for me) announcement a little later this month. I honestly just can't wait to tell you guys so this whole thing is teasing me a whole lot more than you, lol.
   We should be back to our regularly scheduled thrifting tomorrow. I hope you all are being as bombarded with inspiration as I am!

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