Monday, August 15, 2011


   The past few months Transformers have slowly but surely taken over my house and life. All three of my boys (and sometimes my girl too) are absolutely nuts for them. Currently I believe that if forced to choose between saving me or Optimus Prime from some disaster I'm not entirely sure they would choose.
    So when my four year old little man told me that I had made my newest project transform I took it as a pretty big compliment.
     Here is this old suitcase as I posted it a few weeks ago:
it's the brown one in the back

here is a picture of the front


     Now here is what it looks like now:

         Now how did I affect the awesome transformation you ask? Well simple. I used some craft paint (Vintage White), some ribbon hot glued around the edges, and some shelf paper. you heard me right, shelf paper (for anyone who has ever seen Johnny Dangerously this quote's for you- 'Rubber Duckies and Bunnies!"). I found the patterned shelf paper at the Dollar Tree and the rest I got from Micheal's on sale and with a 20% off coupon (I absolutely love those!). And here you have it- night and day. Maybe not as good as Optimus Prime, but I sure dig it!
    What have all of the rest of you been up to? (besides you Gumbo Soul- I am still jealous over that embroidery machine!) I have finished my project and just putting the finishing touches on my first submission for my column on and I'll give you guys a little sneak peak later this week. Don't forget to hop over there and check them out- it's a great community and the subscription is free!


  1. Sweet Isis! What a transformation! Beautiful crafty witchery! Love it, Trav!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Well done!


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