Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Something WIckedly Cool This Way Comes

Normally I would be posting my latest creation but I need a couple more days to complete it with my crazy life right now (getting ready for school for the kids AND myself, writing a novel, chasing after 2 little midgets, and working on way to many projects at once- gotta learn to pay attention to my Thrifting Journal). Thankfully though I found a craft recently that is just flat out awesome and the kids have been pretty stoked about it too, so we've been doing quite a bit of it.
    It's this really awesome (and awesomely not spendy) Harry Potter Wand how to (<- link) from Your Life Uncommon. This is so cheap and easy to do that once I do the basic filling up of the glue the kids can do the rest pretty much on their own (the older 2 that is- I'm not in any way ready to see my 3 year old holding a glue gun..).
    The only really witchy spin that I have put on this for my little witchlets is that while I am filling the tube with glue (and may I suggest you use a high temp glue gun that works well- you don't want to know how I found out that little tip) I have started putting little(very little) folded up pieces of paper with power words that I had the children focus their energy into to sort of 'dedicate' the wands. I also added glass beads (the ones with a flat side that look like drops of glass from the floral section not the kind with the holes through them though you could use those as well..and now I have a new idea, lol) to the swirls on the outside and had the kids say a chant over the wands once they were done. So now they are gathering up quite the array of magickal wands and they were really, really inexpensive!
    Go ahead and try this one out, I really recommend it. Considering how many really cool crafts I find out there that I like to put my own witchy spin on I think I might just make this a semiregular feature here on the ol' blog but we'll see.
    Happy crafting!

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  1. This sounds awesome! Please post a picture when they are done...i'd love to see them :)


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